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Sameh Khalatbari: Iranian-born contemporary surrealist artist known for conceptually layered artworks. Showcased in 22+ international exhibitions. Genius visa recipient and California resident.

Born in 1980 against the backdrop of the Iran-Iraq war, my artistic journey began amidst the turmoil that defined my early years. At the tender age of six, I discovered solace and inspiration through artistic expression, seeking refuge from the haunting echoes of bombers in the darkness. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, I embarked on a transformative path that unfolded through ten pivotal steps, immersing myself in the intricate traditions of Iranian art, where I honed my skills in gilding and the delicate art of miniatures.

Immersed in the rich symbols of Iranian painting and its profound ties to art and literature, my passion for artistic expression deepened with each passing day. This profound connection compelled me to venture further into the realms of art and literature, culminating in my exploration of modern art. Upon completing a complementary course in Iranian traditional arts at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Iran, I set out on a journey to expand my horizons.

In 2007, I received a prestigious invitation from the Cultural Ministry of the United Arab Emirates to showcase my remarkable artwork. This opportunity allowed me to present my captivating pieces and serve as a beacon, introducing the world to the exquisite beauty of Persian art.

In 2013, I reached a significant milestone in my artistic journey by obtaining a Master's degree in Fine Art from the University of Art & Architecture. This remarkable achievement not only solidified my dedication to the craft but also positioned me at the esteemed first rank among my peers. My unwavering commitment to artistic pursuits continues to shape my path as I explore new frontiers of creativity.

Shortly after my graduation, I experienced a transformative moment in my artistic journey when I was granted the prestigious Genius Visa for Alien of Extraordinary Ability Artist. This notable honor opened new doors and set me on a path of exploration and enrichment. Inspired by the profound narratives of everyday individuals, my art captures the essence of seemingly ordinary stories interwoven with significant life events. These tales possess a remarkable capacity to shape and influence our daily existence. One of my defining attributes is my keen observation of the world, delving into the intricate details often overlooked and skillfully weaving them into the fabric of my artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from the world around me, I find beauty in both the ordinary and the extraordinary. My art captures fleeting moments, evokes emotions, and tells stories that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Each creation is a testament to my ability to translate thoughts, experiences, and observations into visual form.

The transformative events that unfolded in Iran in 2022 during the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution had a profound impact on my artistic trajectory. Having explored a diverse array of mediums throughout my artistic journey, I embraced a new direction, venturing into the realm of mixed media. This pivotal shift brought about a departure from the surreal and propelled me towards the realm of abstract art, enabling me to express my voice on pressing political issues. It was during this time that the powerful "1401 N/m2 Resistance" collection was born, serving as a significant turning point in my artistic career. This collection stands as a testament to my unwavering commitment to using art as a means to convey powerful messages and contribute to the discourse surrounding socio-political challenges.

I have successfully organized over 22 international art exhibitions, spanning across various countries such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, and numerous cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. Notably, my most recent exhibition took place at the prestigious Modernism Art Gallery in San Francisco, where I showcased my captivating collection titled "1401 N/m2 Resistance." This exhibition served as a testament to my artistic prowess and my ability to captivate audiences with my thought-provoking creations.

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