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To push the boundaries of contemporary art, challenge conventional norms, and engage viewers in thought-provoking experiences through my artistic practice. Seeking opportunities to exhibit in renowned galleries and art institutions, collaborate with fellow artists, and contribute to the discourse on contemporary art.


Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Art & Architure University of Tehran, 2013

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • "Alienation", Modernism West/Foreign Cinema, San Francisco, US, 2023

  • "1401 N/m2 Resistance", Modernism Art Gallery, San Francisco, US, 2023

  • "Once Upon a Time 2", SOMAcentral - J.P. Morgan & Chase, San Francisco, US, 2015

  • "Once Upon a Time 2", Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, US, 2014

  • "Once Upon a Time 1", Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2011

  • "The Beauty of Tulips", Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009

  • "Dubai Summer Surprises; DSS 2007", United Arab of Emirate, 2007

  • "The Silence", Mani Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2007

  • "Fine Handworks of Illumination & Birds", Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2005

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • "SF FALL SHOW", Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, US, 2023

  • "The de Young Open 2023", De Young Museum, San Francisco, US, 2023

  • "Creative Women, Art in Honor of Women", 245 Post, San Francisco, US, 2023

  • "Emotions 2022", Gallerium Exhibition, International Online Show, US, 2022

  • "SF Blue", Modernism West - Foreign Cinema, San Francisco, US, 2021

  • "Generation Plus", Pars Equality Center, San Jose, US, 2017

  • "Art - in - Neighborhoods", Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco, US, 2017

  • "Animals Art Exhibition", Light Space & Time Gallery, 2017

  • "Vision: an Artist's Perspective", Kaleid Art Gallery, San Jose, US, 2016

  • "Mirror Holder of Hist", Tehran Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2016

  • "Face 2015; New Media Art, The internet of Nothing", SOS Indiebio, San Francisco, US, 2015

  • "Face 2015; New Media Art, The internet of Nothing", Rose Art Room, Los Angeles, US, 2015

  • "Face 2015; New Media Art, The internet of Nothing", PELATOON Kunst Halle, Berlin, Germany, 2015

  • "Dive into the Folk Tales", Pardis Art Gallery | Iranian Art Museum & Garden, Tehran, Iran, 2015

  • "Face 2014", a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco, US, 2014

  • "6th Tehran International Biannual of Illustration", Saba Cultural-Art Complex, Tehran, Iran, 2013

  • "Look at the Future", Saey Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 2012

  • "The 3th Fair International Festival of Visual Arts", Saba Cultural-Art Complex, Tehran, Iran, 2010

  • "1001 Tales of Iran", Behzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2007

  • "The 6th Iranian International Painting Biennial", Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran, 2006

  • "The 5th Iranian International Painting Biennial", Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 2002

  • "The 4th Iranian International Painting Biennial", Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran, 2000

  • "Norouz Ghadir", Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 1998

Awards and Honors

  • Recognized with the "Genius Visa" as an "Extraordinary Ability Artist."

  • Awarded second prize for illustration and printing in the picture yearbook of Surah Mehr, 2012Tehran, Iran.

  • Awarded first prize for short story illustration, Yesavali Publications, 2011, Tehran, Iran.

  • Recognized in the abstract art section at the Modern Art Festival and featured in the book "Naqsh Man", Pikare Publishing House, 2010, Tehran, Iran.

  • Awarded first prize in the Urban Mural Call organized by the Municipality of District 1, 2008Tehran, Iran.

  • Awarded third prize in the Urban Mural Call organized by the Municipality of District 4, 2006Tehran, Iran.


  • "Alienation" by Jonathon Keats, October 2023

  • "Tensile Strength" by Jonathon Keats, June 2023

  • "Press Release: Sameh Khalatbari" by Jonathon Keats, May 2023

  • "Spotlighting Immigrant Designers" by Jessica Kerbo, April 20, 2021

  • "Vision: An Artist's Perspective" by Gutfreund Cornett Art, July 5, 2016

  • "Mirror Holder of the History" by Abbas Doaei, Etelaat News, May 2, 2016

  • "Face2015: The internet of Nothing", Platoon News, November 11, 2015

  • "Paradise ENOW", Weekend Magazine, United Arab of Emirates, July 6, 2007

  • "Summer Surprise", Al Bayan Newspaper, United Arab of Emirates, July 5, 2007

  • "Aromatic Masterpieces: Paintings That Delight the Senses" by Maryam Dastranj, Keyhan Magazine, Tehran, July 9, 2005



  • "Journeys: how immigrants made a home in San Jose", San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, September 19, 2019

  • "Can Confinement define Creativity?", North Cal Women Confrence, Los Altos, September 8, 2018

  • "Create Contemporary Art with iPad", Apple, San Francisco, May 7, 2016

  • "Recreation of Paul Klee painting", Tehran University of Art, November 10, 2011

  • "Harold Rudolf Foster and His Creativity", Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, October 20, 2011

  • "Modernism in Poetry: Four Decades of Evolution", Azad University of Art & Architecture, Tehran, Iran, June 17, 2011

  • "Manafe-ol-Heyvan the great book of Il-khanate", Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, March 02, 2010​


Proficient in various artistic techniques and mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.

Strong understanding of art history and contemporary art trends.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Proficient in relevant software and digital tools for art creation.



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